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Thursday, March 16, 2006

brishti pore tapur tupur

You see, I am in the process of creating a new blog... at the moment you can visit the unfinished version here:

I am working on the header-image, it just isn't working out right, trying all sorts of different templates, and subsequently getting frustrated. So give up on that and totally forget about blogging. Ishi posed the question as to why do I seem so out of blogging world, thats the reason.

I think I should keep blogging here until I officially start my new blog otherwise, chances are, I will conveniently get myself out of the blogging world, one day, very soon.

So let's finish by telling what happened today:
Its raining today, or should I say drizzling? Drizzling is probably more appropriate... Something you would call "brishti pore tapur tupur". Even though I just recovered from the worst kind of flu through 5 day course of anti-biotic and sips of "dail" twice a day, I couldn't resist wetting myself in the rain. You see, it was 4-ish in the afternoon. Very few students in the uni. I had 4 more hours to go. I was sitting by myself in a wooden bench under a tree, trying to get through some boring programming problem, and right at that ungodly hour, a rain drop made its way through the leaves on my programming book. It was that particular nuisance that allured me out of my study-mood and invited me to walk in the rain. Thankfully, I didn't bring my umbrella (otherwise, would have felt constant pang of guilt for not doing justice to that). I started walking through the University Walk (THE long walk)... it was wonderful... don't frown, I was listening to my favourite Robindra shongeet by Srikanto... everything just went together so well...
Yes, that's me. The pagla me. :-)


At 9:55 am, Blogger -iishii- said...

lol, is that the pagla u or the fobby u HP dear? Just kidding. I did almost the same thing the other day (may be it was the same day coz sydney hasnt been seing rain much lately). I had an umbrella but decided it was much cooler to not use it, lol (u no me and my desperate pursuits to be cool and fit in, haha). Nah, seriously, this is like the 1st time its rain in many many weeks so i wanted to walk around in the rain too. Shame we werent at the same place, otherwise us 2 fobs could have been very kobi kobi like 2getha (without the kobita) - u no the saying: kobi kobi bhab, kobitar obhab? Thats us :-D

At 2:26 pm, Blogger flynn.t said...

Hey!! I've never associated myself with the "Fobby" kind, so yo guys must be a new league of "fob", but anyway... my point is, I did exactly the same thing... y'know- the "singing in the rain" without the singing out loud part... and no "Robind...(whatshisname)" and fefinitely none of the fobbiness.

Unfortunately, I was interrupted in the most RUDE way!! Fobbiness invaded my daydreaming in the light rain... ARGH!! I really wish the population of fons would significanlty DROP (below zero, if possible) around my place. But, agreed- rain was definitely needed for Flynn, SB, HP & SYD in general.

At 5:32 pm, Anonymous Tea biscuit said...

aaah a walk to remember! Is your weather coling down a bit? A friend of mine is in Uni of Melbourne for a study abroad thing and having too much fun feeding kangaroos! She says it's pretty hot and she LOVES it!

At 10:58 pm, Anonymous doe said...

Hp, I feel good after reading ur post. I am not the only *insane* one out there,lol.
And Kangaroos, I have never yet seen a walking kangaroon on the streets of sydney. Lots of ppl in BD asked me abt kangaroos. They seem to think australia is all about kangaroos.

At 9:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't comment on your post above, so I'm commenting here, in the hope that you'll actually read it.

Goodness, I thought you'd never blog again. As for the melancholy mood of yours, I guess I can sort of relate... I was feeling EXTREMELY cynical & dark & all that after hearing/ witnessing certain things, but my philosophy in life (for the next 3 minutes) is to give only a cetain amount of thought & energy to doom & gloom things... then I can get over it & be all happy again.

I dunno about melancholy being addictive... that sounds scary :S

Come back to earth, so that you can, once again, have confusing convos with Flynn.


At 1:41 am, Blogger eccentric_human said...

gess wat.. i was doing this TODAY, here, in BD.. aj sharadin emon brshti hocchilo,, tar upor oborodh in whole BD.. many students didnt want to cum, bt had to, for the VIVA to face..

amar uni theke firte long walk dite hoyna.. but 5 mins er walkta ami jokhon vije vije ashchilam, mone hocchilo i will face shordi soon.. tai preventive hishebe lncher porei ekta paracetamol gile fellam.

well ami j karone tomar ekhane comment korchi..

i can guess which song u were listening to

isnt it "emono dine tare bola jay"..????

i was missing this song soo much today... bt cudnt listen to, cos my mp3 plyrs battry was down.. :(

jak blogging continue koro..
i read ur astomeyeblog today and got lots of inspiration for life.. thanksssssss alotttttt

byee an lotsa luv


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