silent sunlight

Saturday, January 28, 2006

back to pavilion

Everything's looking kinda bigger, brighter, cleaner and hotter. Its annoyingly hot and sticky here. I could have suffocated as I came out of Sydney airport in my semi-winter coat. Anywayz... in case you are wondering what I am doing in blogger at 1.27 am--something happened to my biological clock. Last night I couldn't sleep altogether, went to bed after Fajr and slept like dead. I needed all the members of my family to scream in unison to get me up for Duhr. Since I can't sleep now, I thought I should use the time usefully, so read few blogs. Aha, the big news now is the sisters' wedding! Not suprising, since all my 59 maternal relatives know about the astounding weddings. Last time I talked to nira apu was the day before her wedding. Can't wait till all the married women get back here! By the way, got informed my doe apu's cousin she might not be going to england, instead will be coming back to aussieland in mid-february. Can't wait! Aha, it might not be so good, since the newly married, forcefully + temporarily seperated women will be discussing the pain of biroho with jargons like nonod, debor, ja, shoshurbari... total hijibiji for us inexperienced unmarried girls. That's a big change in our life as a whole, lots happened in my life during my stay in bd. It was a fun, fun, fun and really really jhakkas (as they say) holiday. I already broadcasted some in painful detail I believe. Hoping to post more. But for now, I must try to get some sleep! or may be not, this bdeshi friend of mine just logged in msn from canada...