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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nanu Bari

December 27, 2005

I went there on the 19th and came back to Dhaka on the 26th. It was like a week or so. My Brit cousins and uncle came to BD just for 2 weeks, so my mother wanted to make the best of it by staying with them in her birthplace with her brother. It was fun. Nanubari is a village with all the facilities of a city. Fridge, tiled bathroom, running water, gas-stove, badminton court, CD players along with ponds, rivers and shorisha khets. There was no land line phone though, and my mobile didn't have any credits. There was no mobile-network available either, that being so far away from a city. So I was totally disconnected from the rest of the world. I lost count of days and times. Every day was new in its own style. It was a great family reunion with guests from Australia, Britain and America, so we were 50+ people on the same house. There were games like ful-tokka and rumal chor when the electricity went at night, when it came we cousins sat down for a round of monopoly. Or we played badminton until it was midnight. Or we just sat around and talked. The biggest fun event of the day time was swimming event. RIver Shitolokkha flows by Nanubari. My uncles and cousins decided to swim across the river. So they did everyday. Due to increased risk, there was a security force following them on a boat. Needless to say, non-swimmer female cousins were part of that security force, just sitting on the side of the boat with our feel on water. When we got totally sick of rice and curry every day, my mother deary cooked a totally aussie style BBQ in the matir chula. Oh another thing, in this seven days, we bough BD food achars worth of over 500 taka. The corner shop owner was completely satisfied with customers like us. Days came when we gave them money but they couldn't give us pickles because they ran out of stock!

Alhamdulillah, my stomach is safe.

The only bad thing about the stay was I had to wear full hijab the whole 7 days due to Islamic-sense-less people all around. My adult guy cousin's do not understand the problems with poking me, her girl cousin. Or just walking into the room while I am preparing for bed and sit down comfyly for a chat.
OKay, its a really big complain I know. Pray for my relative folks, so that Allah accepts them under the shade of Islam.


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