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Sunday, December 04, 2005

jam-packed suitcases

So we are 4 people going to bd after nearly-four-years and we got (mendatory) gifts for about 200 people. I can see a skeptical shrug on that figure 200. This is no exaggeration I tell you! My mum has a football team for her siblings while my dads are eight bros and sis. My mother deary's sisters and brothers have less than 3 offsprings per head. Even then, all my uncles and aunties and cousins in mum's side (just the first cousins and uncles-aunties, mind you) add upto 54 people, that is, excluding our family. My uncles and aunties from dad's side have 5 kids in average... so the statistics are quite daunting there. My dad is the youngest brother--all his bros and sis have married sons and daughters, who have sons and daughters in turn. What's even creepier is, some of my cousins already have grandchildren (mind you, I am still talking about first cousins)! So I am nanu and dadu to many... My valiant mother has attempted to take at least something for this entire population, who are apparently, very closely related to us. And then there are friends of mine, my bro, mum and dad... Ma has bought gifts for everyone. She is still quite scared there will be people she will meet who she didn't buy gifts for... The result: we have stretched our limits as much as possible. Today, still 5 days to the flight, each of our suit-cases weight 30+ kilos, our hand luggages weight no less than 10 kilos... Even worse, we had to leave out a lot of things we really wanted to take... I still have not packed my phone, charger, mp3 player, cds, toiletries and other essentials. So you get the picture. Shopping, listing, tagging, packing has kept me v-e-r-y busy for last few days. Before starting all these, I took some time off to attend our first time ever photo session.
Coordinating among people, venue and time was the hardest thing to do. Emu and Nahid were half way through their exams, Flynn said she couldn't make it on weekends. As if it was not complicated enough, weather intervened and decided to pour like anything few days before the beginning of our famous arid Summer. The venue has been changed from Opera House--> Ferry--> .......... park --> Auburn botanical garden --> ......... park again --> Royal Botanical garden --> Ishi's place. Alhamdulillah we finally agreed upon converting Ishi' place to our photo studio at 10.30. And there we were at 11 waiting for emu-martian to show up. As she lives quite close to Ishi's place, that was unusual so we rang her up only to find she has done yet another emu-thing by totally completely forgetting the night before phone convo with HP. Doe apu arrived shortly among us freshwomen (this should be the feminine gender of freshmen, right?) and we officially started our photo session while terribly missing Emu. Finally Emu arrived but then Doa apu had to leave. What to do, promising to see her next time as a bride, we started taking more photos. Oh our creativity started cascading like the Nile... stair-case

green sofa
red sofa
kitchen chairs
sitting-down on our bottom in the driveway
steaming tea cups (empty for Ishi) on hands, sitting on the dolna
niqabi us: nice big eyes
lying down on grasses: all eyes closed due to the extra-bright sky
Ah there is no end to that! We took exactly 101 photos. Flynn was quite dazzled, she could not keep her eyes open in most pics. All of us agreed, we have never taken so many photos in our 19 years old life. Oh oh I must talk about our auto-timed photo attempt. We did not know how to activate that function so we had hillarious experience of trials and errors. First few attempts were disasterous: we set the timer and sat there smiling until our cheeks started to ache but nothing clicked. So we had to go fix that again.
Photo session it was. Another exciting thing happened. I bought my first mp3 player--Creative Zen Nano Plus 512MB mp3 player. Its slim, light, sleek and cool. I bought this with the money Baba gave me upon completing my high school last year. Mother was insisting I buy some "shonar goina" with that money to make the money "useful"... ughhh shonar goina... that is the most obnoxious way of making money useless (unless you love telling people how much gold you have in a pure Bangali-aunty-like manner). I knew ma will probably talk me into buying shonar goina once I go to bd so I bought this before she got the chance!
Its 12.30 AM now, one more day gone... meaning we are flying in 4 days. WOW! I will miss you guyz, I will miss Sydney, do take care and keep in touch! I will be using my current number for some days even after going to bd so you can SMS me there, but NEVER attempt ringing me (a horrific amount of charge will be imposed upon me as a consequence). I will get a new phone inshAllah, will notify you the number as soon as I get that.
Lastly, have a look @ one of our photo-session-special super duper posing ideas getting turned down by my ill-mannered camera that refuses to flash every now and then.

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At 8:51 am, Blogger Emu said...

HP, i gotta hand it to ya - u'r beeuuutiful...rofl

At 8:55 am, Blogger Emu said...

ps. it's good to see that i'm not the only one that stays up so late.

At 5:36 pm, Blogger flynn.t said...

Emu, the man... I was gonna say the EXACT same thing.
I gather this is one of your better photos... am I right HP?
Only kidding.
But I must concede to a major fact of life: I have NEVER EVER taken soooo many photos IN MY LIFE! (And *ahem* I'm still 18)

At 10:47 pm, Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

my bad, forgot u still got couple of days till u r 19, flynn. nearly-nineteen* for u.
HAHAHA. Yes, this is one of the best pics i got. I can happily hang it on my bedroom wall without raising any controversy, what do u say, girls?

At 10:48 pm, Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

oh emu, stay up as late as u can without feeling guilty. last night i went to bed at 3. i spent some completely sleepness nights as well, so don't u worry!

At 10:49 am, Blogger -iishii- said...

hey girls, i made a presentation of the foto session like i did for the glitz and glam nite! It looks good! lol.

At 9:14 pm, Blogger flynn.t said...

Dude- you've already made the presentation??
That was quick.
Anyway... I was thining of coming over to your place- a bit in, not tell my Dad- just so we could talk about a few important things, but I can't say for sure what day would be a good day- definitely a weekday, of course.

But yes- there are some important things that I need to say (ok- not that important, but it feels like it's important). Does anyone else know what I'm on about??

And this staying up late thing must be a disease- I can't seem to sleep until Fajr time... and then I've gotta get up because... well- because it's fajr time. WHat's wrong with us? We can't all be insomniacs- can we??

At 9:26 am, Blogger -iishii- said...

ahem, im not an insomniac alhamdulillah. U guys, if u do drink tea or coffee, stop it! And diner bela ghumaba na if u do! What else, eat lots - it makes u sleepy. And sleep lots if u can. Sheshe u'll c the 3 of u skinny ones will be the size of king kong ;). At least i'll feel skinny near u guys that way, lol.

OOOOOOOOOOOOO, flynn coming iA! Come come! Tell me b4 tho coz i shud tidy my house b4 u come. Normally barita khub messy hoye thake. And me and ema need 2 discuss some imp stuff with u 2 abt the YMSA annual girls program here!


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