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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I was supposed to bombard my blog with fotos with this post. Seeing how slow the connection at my mama's place is, I just decided to post the initial version without the fotos. I will post the photos later on inshallah.

December 16, 2005

I had been in a different world last three days. A world of simplicity, closeness and warmth. I had been in my Dadubari. Four years it had been since I been there last time. But hardly anything changed. That same virgin village that still have not been raped by monstrous industries and complicated metropolitan minds--leaving the village people simple and unsophisticated. I took a lot of pictures, I will be uploading them inshallah, they will speak for themselves stronger than what my words can express.
Kalo hoye gechi
Unsophisticated they are, sometimes crude. Every single one I met so blatantly declared--"tumi to onek kala howa geso"... or "HP to bidesh giya moila hoiya gese"... Mejaj ta ja choreche na! Not a single "woman" asked me what I study. All they complained about was my ever-darkening skin colour and slim figure... beshi hugna...I spent at least fifteen minutes trying to explain each woman the significance of Australain rough weather in darkening my skin. After this long lecture the women declared... "taile bidesh giya ki labh"... as if, forsha howar jonno bidesh gechi! God, save these people!I couldn't help but wonder, do these women not have anything else in their mind other than skin colour? No they don't. Fair and Lovely couldn't have profitted so much if they did. Ughhh.
This delirious 90+ year old lady couldn't recognise me or any of my family members... She sings as long as she is awake, remembers her name, but does not know how many offsprings she had. Her songs are very educating though, educating about life 50 years ago. Because this lady things she is still living her life 50 years ago, so sings as she beliefs.
Boro Fupi
Sweet, cute, soft, down-to-earth lady. She got married when she was 12, now being taken cared of by her son-in-law. She is so sweet and emotional that she never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Only to satisfy her, I had to force myself to eat rice THREE TIMES A DAY! I was eating rice, she was sitting beside me. She asked me for the already squeezed lemon. Fearing there is no more juice left, I offered her a new piece. But she took the one I squeezed, squeezed that and said with quivering voice--the only reason she took the one I squeezed was, that had the touch of her "ma", ie me.
My faithful shoinno bahini
There were people and their warmth. But what I like most about dadu bari, is the natural beauty. Every so often I walked out of the house to see the village. Its so beautiful, so very beautiful... you gotta see my village! I will post some pics Inshallah. First of all, have a look at the two little kiddies who showed me around the village. They are my nephews: cousin's kids. They are so cute, once I just pronounced my desire of eating guava because I haven't had one of those for so long... they got so desperate to get some for me that they climed a guava tree in search of some odd-season guavas (this is not the time of guava). Those poor things spent a good hour in the tree bashing around the branches in search of guavas. No matter how many times I tried to tell them, they wouldn't give up! At last they got some guavas for me but they were detastetable! Bitter coz had been bashed too many times, also they had been immature in the first place. Huh, young faithfuls!


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